Pfizer Reportedly Manufactures ‘Several Hundred Thousand’ Covid-19 Vaccines Anticipating November Regulatory Approval

U.S. drug giant Pfizer has started work manufacturing hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 vaccines ahead of an expected U.S. approval in November, the Mail on Sunday reports.

As Forbes writes, the coronavirus vaccines are being made at the company’s factory in Puurs, Belgium, according to the Mail on Sunday, whointerviewed Pfizer’s U.K. head, Ben Osborn and showed a video that appears to show Pfizer’s manufacturing process, although it is not clear whether the clip shows the Covid-19 vaccine being manufactured. 

The company says it hopes to make 100 million doses available this year, should the vaccine be granted regulatory approval, with plans to manufacture 1.3 billion in 2021.

Every patient will need to receive two doses of the vaccine, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The vaccines produced are now being stockpiled, and are ready to ship worldwide when given the go ahead, the Mail on Sunday report.

Forbes has contacted Pfizer for comment and to confirm the nature of the clip. 

Pfizer is a frontrunner in the global race to develop a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, which it is developing with Germany’s BioNTech. While not yet approved, production comes ahead of an anticipated approval in the U.S. when the company applies in the middle of November. Last week, the company’s CEO publicly clarified its best estimates for when it could apply for emergency approval, a thinly veiled critique of President Trump, who has been insisting a vaccine will be ready and available before the November 3 election. By Pfizer’s best estimate, the third week of November will be the earliest they will be able to apply for approval.

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